About us
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We are always looking to supply additional value to our customers with many years of experience and our flexibility to create custom solutions for you.

Usually the market dictates criteria for the choice of where production takes place. Today there are many production possibilities, considering not only the vast number of countries but also the number of suppliers. This makes the decision of where to produce very difficult. At the same time it is important to reduce and concentrate the number of suppliers so that you are able to react fast to new fashion innovations, to make sure that your product has stable and high quality and your intentions and philosophy of your design is well understood and interpreted throughout the production process.

Flexibility, fair price and global service
distinguish the Polaris product

Globalizing your production involves meeting the growing concerns in the logistics chain. You know that you want and expect the merchandise to be available at the right time in your distribution center.

The current economic situation demands competent handling and critical examination of your products. Only then can you conquer the constant demands of the apparel market and develop further. You can only achieve your perfect product by optimising sourcing and production.


Over the past 20 years we have developed a worldwide network of producers. Our product and services include flexibility, delivery of exceptional quality product, with on time delivery at fair and competitive prices.

We are satisfying the needs of our customers, offering product and services custom made for individual clients. Placing your production with us, you will have your own personal setup, solutions developed for your needs and flexibility in development and production that is not to be seen anywhere else. We are offering to you a unique and world-class product, through achieving a deep understanding of your needs.