Production&Quality Assurance
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Our main goal is to delivery only quality products to our customers. Taking special care of the quality of the merchandise, an independent team of fifty Polaris technicians is monitoring every stage of production preparation, assuring that only garments with perfect quality will be shipped to you. Our technicians work directly in the factories on technology, quality supervision and control, as this is the only way you can be sure to receive your goods complying with the quality standards you expect.

Competence And Consequence


Today our main production places are in Moldova, Ukraine, Poland, Vietnam, China and Bangladesh. We produce with multiple partners for the European and the American market out of Asia. In Europe, Polaris has two solely owned garment factories. Our Factory Polstar is situated in Ukraine and is specialised in the production of pants and also has an integrated washing facility. The factory is well known by our fashion customers for timely delivery, reliability and one of the shortest lead and turnaround times on the market. In Moldova, our factory Tricon is specialised in the production of ladies jackets, coats and knitwear for high end fashion customers throughout Europe and the USA.

Short delivery times - Quick turnaround times

No matter where you decide to place your production, Polaris coordinates and supervises the entire production process and provides door to door delivery of ready made garments. Our production managers in Asia and Europe take care of the whole production process for you including:
  • translating technical documentations
  • working with the factories on production planning
  • working with our customers on the execution of the order
  • supervising the whole production process

Quality Control is just one of the areas that Polaris excels in. We are employing a team of nearly 50 experienced and highly qualified technicians who supervise the production in the factories. Our technical team is present at every stage of the production from fabric inspection to pre-production to ensure that everything is well prepared before the fabric goes into cutting. During production our team conducts daily in-line inspections, to avoid any problems during the manufacturing process. Once production is finished we conclude our pre-packing inspection before we check the goods in our final inspection. The final inspection can be 100% inspection or it can be done at any AQL level you choose.